When you think of the county Poland, does technology
transfer come to mind? Or even innovation? Probably not. Poland has gone
through many challenges; one of the biggest challenges is the Communist regime,
which finally ended in 1989. From 1989 to 1991 Poland was in recession and from
1992 to 1994 it started to recover. Finally from 1995 through 1997 there was a
high growth in innovation. However, since then there has been a slowdown

Being born in Poland I took being apart of the ITTI Clinic
to heart.  My family migrated to
the United States in November 1988, when Poland was still under the Communist
regime. My family went through many challenges and struggles, however we
overcame many of those struggles. Poland as a country has been through a lot of
struggles itself, however they somehow are holding on. My goal will be to
discover and learned what kind of growth Poland was able to do after the
Communist regime and what caused the slowdown period. Also Poland is not a
developing country, but a country in transition. What I have discovered is the
much of the aid is going towards universities. However there is a disconnect
between universities and industry. Another goal of mine is to see how they are
transforming and hopefully learn ways that I may be able to provide help. Also
Poland joined the EU in 2004 and apart of my research will be how is the EU
really aiding Poland, especially in innovation. Poland has the capacity of
being an innovating country, it is my desire and passion to hopefully help the