Julie Sammons in her article “Collaboration Is the Key to Green Success”
refers to recent initiatives towards more sustainable development by
going green. She has made reference to advantage of Open source
R&D. Some of the interesting parts are reproduced below. To read
the entire article click here.

by the Bayh-Dole Act, technology transfer between universities and the
corporate world is undergoing a radical transformation in the age of
wikinomics and crowdsourcing communities like Innocentive. On the
business end, corporate titans IBM, Nokia, Sony and Pitney Bowes joined
forces earlier this year to launch the free Eco-Patent Commons
initiative. From the academic side, efforts like the Association of
University Technology Managers’ Better World Project promise to rapidly
accelerate R&D partnerships between university research powerhouses
and forward-thinking corporations.”

The author talks about accelerated growth of new markets saying that:
on a track record of industry-leading telecommunications and biotech
hubs launched from campus spin-offs, the University of California, San
Diego is at it again, this time targeting the clean tech sector. Campus
leaders are developing the nation’s largest university-based
sustainable energy program by pairing student research teams with
solar, biofuel and IT companies to form living laboratories focused on
tomorrow’s technology.”

Interesting reading as it looks into
the current trends of innovation movement involving both the
Universities as well as the Industry.