Thailand’s largest government research center, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) manages all of its IP through the NSTDA Technology Licensing Office (TLO). The TLO is the largest collection of IP management professionals in Thailand. These professionals work to manage, advise and commercialize the intellectual property coming out of the NSTDA. The goal of the TLO is to increase IP awareness, and encourage commercialization of IP to create jobs and increase the well-being of the populace. 

The TLO is broken up into three different sections: The IP Management section, IP Law section and the IP Commercialization Section. Each section is staffed with highly educated professionals who work to harness the innovation of the Thai People.
The IP Management section serves to evaluate, manage and acquire IP protection. This involves evaluating the patentability of new innovations, acquiring patent and other IP protection, and manage this IP through licensing and the like.
The IP Law section serves as an advisory group for workers at the NSTDA and the TLO. The members of the IP law section are highly educated in the IP field and are fully capable of providing sound advise regarding IP law. 
The IP Commercialization section serves to assist in the commercialization of newly acquired IP. This involves setting up startup companies, and helping these companies get off the ground, utilizing IP as their main asset. 
When these three groups work together, they form a powerful team that utilizes intellectual property to foster Thai innovation, create new jobs, and bring new technologies to the Thai people. 
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