Assuming his new position as Nigeria’s Science and Technology Minister, in Goodluck’s transition government, Prof. Mohammed Abubakar comments blow further wind in the sails of the country’s efforts to promote sustainable technology transfer capacity. The incoming Minister stated that “the most important thing we [Nigerians] have to start thinking about is how to translate what we have been learning in science, engineering and technology into practice.” ( 4/8/2010).

When in 2007, Umar Yar’Adua was announced as Nigeria’s elected president, Nigerian scientists were hoping that the president’s and vice president’s science background, the former as a chemist and the latter as a zoologist, will serve to further push the development of science in the country.  (Semiu Babalola, Science and Development, 5/29/2007). And so, committed to the ideals of WIPO and the protection and enforcement of IPR, the President called on WIPO’s Director General, Francis Gurry, to establish a training institute in the country in partnership with the Nigerian government. (allAfrica 9/2/2009).

The failing health of President Yar’Adua brought a period of uncertainty to Nigeria’s politics and government in the recent months. Taking charge, Vice President Goodluck announced yesterday his appointees for the new transition government. By appointing a former Vice Chancellor of Kebbi State University to the position of Science and Technology Minister, Goodluck seems to signal his intention to follow on President Yar’Adua’s vision to develop technology transfer infrastructure to support Nigeria’s developing economy.